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Central Mississippi's 

Original Rage & Relaxation Rooms

Come one, Come all....!

Whether you're just hanging out with friends or truly Had a Bad Day (yes, that's a package price name), Rage Room Jackson is for everyone. We want to see you here and share your energy...oh, and feel free to grab a marker and graffiti yourself on these walls.

Let folks know you Let it all Go.

Raging Is for Everyone
(Ages 10 & up)

Physically "letting it all out" may seem kind of scary or daunting for someone that's never tried it, but nearly everyone will agree the difference they feel afterwards -- and less "burdened". Appointments are easy and affordable, sessions are swift and efficient, and the relief afterward....? Sustaining and necessary. 

Make short work of grief, heartache, anger, loss and other heavy emotions at the Rage Room. 


We Want Your Energy Here. Leave it Here.

It's easy to book a Rage Session with us. Just make an appointment and be transformed.

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