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Raging Out is Working Out, too

As normal people we can all agree that there's definitely a lot of things on our minds and hearts that will clutter and destabilize our lives. The Rage Room aims to be a healthy outlet for the muck and grime that we go through in our daily lives, and we want you to be able to release and let go -- in a dynamic and safe way...!

Why We Do Raging

The Rage Room is more than just smashing what can be broken and crushing what is fragile; sure, that's the end result, but raging is more than just that -- "raging" is a channeling of that energy that may be bottled up that needs to forge its own path and not just piping inside of a person.

This space is controlled and safe, with equipment and safety gear and rules and most of all, no judgment.

The act of "raging" is considered a type of therapeutic de-stressor. This establishment is a controlled environment for raging . However, if you are under treatment for stress; please, continue to follow the advice of your healthcare provider. 

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