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The Facilities

 There's no wrong way to Release at the Jackson Rage Room, we try to be as versatile and provide as many services for the needs of metro Jackson and beyond. We are always open to new things so please leave us a message or follow us on social media and give us some feedback. We check-in with numerous auxiliary services and have gotten opinions from mental health experts, and we are hopeful you'll your enjoy what you experience.

4 Walls as your Outlet

When we say we want you to leave it all in the room, we mean it. Hardened walls to absorb just about any projectile punishment you will send its way. Cinder blocks line those walls for bottle breaking and tree stumps stand at attention mid-room, eager to help you tee off bottles, boxes and other scattered electronics. What really amps the experience is the music...! Link your favorite playlist to our portable speakers inside the room and jam out while you smash out.

Just let it go. :)


Relaxation Room

All of the smashing and raging is of course going to get top billing, but there's more than just breaking stuff.  Our relaxation room comes with a light dimmer, rocking chairs and even board games. Sit back and catch a nap or listen to some soft tunes, chat with a friend, have a snack, read a magazine or a book and enjoy soft painted rooms and the warmth of the sun from the front doors stretching in to join you.

We even have pre-scheduled massage therapists and exercise classes you can join in on.

The smashing gets the goods but relaxation is the glory.


Shots on Shots

Our Photo Gallery is humble, but so is our effort to keep everyone safe, be an outlet, and to support a cleaner inner well-being...even if you got to make a MESS here. It's fine...!

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